The Back Benchers (Essay)

The back-benchers in a class make a group of their own. They sit in the class but are not a part of the class. They have the best of both the worlds. When the teacher is reading out the lesson, they are dozing in their seats. When they are asked to solve the questions, they are busy making the cartoons. They judge the teacher properly and act accordingly. There are some teachers who always asks questions to the back-benchers. They stand up sheepishly in their seats. First of all, they pose as if they have not heard or understood the question. As a matter of fact, they are prompting some students to tell them the answers. They use all the methods for finding an answer to the question.

For example, they would touch the other one with their toes or pass their hands under their seats. Their friends are always obliging. They never tell the teachers what is going on at the back of the class. Some of them are very good cartoonists. When they pose that they are writing the answers, they are actually drawing the cartoons. They pass on slips from one corner to another and sometimes, carry on glossy magazines. The sportsmen among them do not disturb anyone. They feel tired after playing the games and use their seats to relax or sleep, if possible. They always try to choose their seats behind a tall student so that he can work as their shield.

When the lecture becomes dull beyond tolerance, they open their comics or novels. If they find that the teacher is observing them, they pass it to other benches. Some students bring apples or other fruits. When the teacher is busy writing on the blackboard, they have their bite without making any noise. If the recess is to begin after a long time period, they open their lunch boxes and starts tasting the snacks. They have their own code of conduct. If ever they are caught, they would never name their friends. Ask them to mimic any teacher and they would show their talents. Some of them express their art of drawing by spoiling the walls of the schools especially in the toilets.   


  1. very nicely narrated Its quite impressive!!!!

  2. very nicely narrated Its quite impressive!!!!

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