Banking Awareness Quiz

1.   Banking Ombudsman is appointed by

a)  SEBI


c)  RBI

d)  None of these

2.   Name of Union Territory which has recently presented a tax free budget of Rs.6100.Crore for the union territory:

a)  Chandigarh

b)  Puducherry

c)  Dadra Nagar Haweli

d)  None of these

3.   Maximum age for retirement for MD/CEO of all private banks is

a)  60 years

b)  65 years

c)  70 years

d)  None of these

4. Two new Savings Bank products for children namely ‘PehlaKadam and PehliUdaan’ introduced by

a)  State Bank of India

b)  United Bank of India

c)  Axis Bank

d)  None of these

5. 'Financial Exclusion' is:

a)  Exclude the Finance

b)  Lack of Access to Financial Services

c)  Instability of Financial Services

d)  None of these

6.    Vijay Mallya as 'Willful Defaulter' is declared by:

a)  United Bank of India

b)  Canara Bank

c)  Dena Bank

d)  None of these

7.   Mutual Funds are regulated by:

a)  Reserve Bank of India

b)  Securities and Exchange Board of India

c)  Mutual Funds Board of India

d)  None of these

8.   To solve the problems of Balance of Payments of member countries is function of:

a)  World Bank

b)  IMF

c)  GATT

d)  None of these

9.   Which term is not associated with banking operations:

a)  Equator

b)  Prime Lending Rate

c)  Corporate Finance

d) None of these

10. U.T.I. officially changed into:

a)  Vijaya Bank

b)  Dena Bank

c)  Axis Bank

d)  None of these


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