A Drowning Tragedy

It was the month of July. A fair was being held on the banks of the lake near my town. The lake was flooded due to heavy rains. I, along with my friends, wen to see the fair as well as to bathe in the lake.

There was a great rush of people. On the banks of the lake, there were many stalls and hawkers. The bathers also kept their belongings on the bank. There was a great hustle and bustle. Most of the people were talking bath in the lake. I also took off my clothes and jumped into the cool and clear waters of the lake. Hardly had I swum for a few minutes, when I heard the the cries of a drowning man. I swam towards the drowning man. When I saw him, he was in a precarious condition. Sometimes, he went under water while at other time, he again came to the surface of the water. Many swimmers swan towards the deep waters of the lake in which, the man was trapped. The drowning man was caught in a whirlpool.

People tried their best to rescue the man but in their earlier attempts, they failed to catch hold of the drowning man. By this time, there was a huge crowd on the banks of the lake. In no time, an expert diver dived into the lake and after searching for some time under the surface of water, he brought the man out. The man was in a unconscious state. He was made to lie on the side of the bank. He has taken to the nearby dispensary where he was given artificial respiration and medicines. Everybody was worried about the victim.

The parents of the man also arrived at the dispensary. They were all shocked to hear the news. The parents burst into tears upon seeing the precarious condition of their son. Everyone was praying to God for saving his life.

Even after administering oxygen for one hour, he did not regain and there seemed to be no signs of improvement. People, friends, and relatives were also standing silently and solemnly, waiting for the man to recover. Despite the best efforts put in by the doctor and his assistants, there was no sign of improvement; rather his condition deteriorated from bad to worse. Soon, the pronounced him dead.

Upon hearing this sad and tragic news, everyone related to the deceased cried while his parents wept bitterly. This was the worst ever drowning tragedy that I happened to witness with my own eyes.


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