A Walk By The Countryside

It is a matter of great pleasure to have a walk by a countryside, especially for those people who live in noisy cities and to visit such places. The countryside has its own charms. A walk here removes the boredom and monotony of the life of cities. Countryside presents sights, scenes and sounds that are very pleasant and delightful. One feels elated and happy by having a walk through the countryside.

Such a walk helps us discover nature in her jovial beauty. Lush green fields, dancing plants, the vast and wide landscape, with farmers ploughing it, rural women working on the wells, villagers singing folk songs in the open fields, the tinkling of the bells tied to the necks of bulls, cows and buffaloes etc. are the sight to enjoy.

The dense groves of the trees and the sweet sound of the chirping sparrows renders melodious music. All this is so enchanting that we envy the peace of the countryside.

The cool and fresh air, which we get in the countryside, is not available in the cities and towns. Smoky and dusty atmosphere in the cities makes life difficult there, The artificial life of the cities is nothing as compared to the serene, calm, quiet and peaceful life of the countryside. The blooming flowers, the green trees and women carrying pitchers on their heads can only be seen by having a walk through the countryside.

There goes a quotation, "God made the country and man made the town." It's believed that even God resides in the countryside because the purity and simplicity of the countryside is more congenial than the humdrum life of cities and towns. In the countryside, we find nature in its various moods and thoughts. Nature is the teacher, healer, and mother of man.

Thus a walk by the countryside is really pleasant because we breath the pure and fresh air and see the objects of nature that are very pleasing and delightful and that elevate our spirits as well as refresh our minds.


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