An Ideal Student (Essay)

An ideal student is one, who is fully conscious of his duties and aware of his responsibilities. He/she paves the way for the younger generations to tread on. Every student should endeavor to be an ideal one. Students are the leaders of tomorrow. A nation can prosper and reach the zenith of glory only if it has a disciplined army of students.

A student is well versed in his studies and is capable of passing examinations but he may not necessarily be an ideal student. Such students, though having brilliant records throughout their school and college lives prove to be utter failures when they enter the field of practical life.

An ideal student is intelligent and simple. According to Gandhiji, a student should have the quality of "simple living and high thinking." A student should be fearless and bold enough to face the trials and tribulations of life.

An ideal student lives in accordance with the strict rules of conduct and discipline. This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid. Without a sense of discipline, the student is like a ship without a rudder; it sails adrift and never comes safely to harbor. He/she must obey the rules of schools and colleges and the sermons of their teachers and professors.

An ideal student uses his/her discerning insight while selecting his companions. He/she is fully conscious of the moral code of conduct and no evil force could tempt him. He/she knows well that a single rotten apple spoils all the apples in the basket.

As we owe our duty towards the members of our families, an ideal student tries to understand how much he/she owes to their parents, brothers, and sisters. It is their duty to realize that they are under heavy debt of their parents. The modern trend is that the students, after completing their studies, forget their parents. As soon as they are married, they try to separate themselves from their parents and therefore, forget those days of hardship during which, the parents had suffered for the healthy growth of their children. An ideal student takes care of his/her parents when they grows to become an adult.

An ideal student is a servant of the entire humanity and he/she should share the worries and other problems of life with the members of the family. They should undertake social works whenever it's possible and should be active in finding out solutions for various complicated problems of the society.

According to Swami Vivekananda , "What our country now wants, are men and women with muscles of iron; nerves of steel; gigantic wills, which nothing can resist and which can penetrate the inner-most secrets and mysteries of the universe and will accomplish their purpose in any fashion, though it means going down to the bottom of the ocean and meeting death face to face."  

An ideal student must possess the aforementioned qualities. This would also help the nation in the achievement of better prosperity levels for her masses.


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