Computer Abbreviations - Part 2

DVD           - Digital Video Disc

DBMS        - Data Base Management System

DVR           - Digital Video Recorder

EDVAC      - Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic

EGA           - Enhanced Graphics Array

ENIAC       - Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer

FDD            - Floppy Disk Drive

FTTP          - Fiber To The Premises

FTP             - File Transfer Protocol

Gb               - Gigabit

GB              - Gigabyte

GIMP         - GNU Image Manipulation Program

GSM           - Global System for Mobile Communications

HDD           - Hard Disk Drive

HTML       - Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP         - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

LAN           - Local Area Network

LCD           - Liquid Crystal Dispaly

WAN          - Wide Area Network

MAN          - Metropolitan Area Network

Will be continued in part 3


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