How Nutritional Anemia can be prevented? (ANC-1)

Anemia can be prevented by following simple measures as mentioned below

A) Dietary Measures:

The most simplest method to prevent anemia is to consume foods rich in iron content like green leafy vegetables and other vegetables rich in iron. Food items like groundnuts, apple, dates, jaggery, figs etc. should be also consumed. To ensure good absorption of iron from these food items, it is necessary to consume food items rich in Vitamin C. Meats and liver are other good source of iron; if acceptable can be included in the diet.

B) Fortification of Foods:

By fortification of foods we mean adding iron into the food items to increase their nutritive value. These kinds of food items should be consumed everyone to ensure proper intake of nutrients. This method has not been initiated in our country in mass scale though, baby foods and breakfast cereals for children are available with iron fortification in order to ensure iron intake by the infants and children.

C) Distribution of Iron and Folic Acid Tablets:

Government of India is running a programme to control the cases of anemia among women, pregnant women, lactating mothers, women who have accepted family planning measures and children in the age group of 1-5 years by distribution of iron and folic acid tablets/syrups (for children). This program is called National Nutritional Anemia Control Programme. Under this programme, the beneficiaries get hundred tablets of iron and folic acid with an aim to eradicate cases of anemia among woman and children 


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