Pleasures of Gardening

Gardening gives me immense pleasure. Moreover, gardening is my hobby. During my leisure time, I take up gardening. The desire to grow fruits and flowers is but natural in me. I devote my extra time to gardening by growing flowers, fruits, vegetable, and other plants. In my garden, the plants of orange, lemon, mango, and banana have been grown. Then, there are vegetables like spinach, carrot, radish, tomato, and cauliflower.

The garden gives me a great pleasure. I keep myself physically fit with the help of this hobby. But the best benefit which the gardening gives me is that it keep myself in the cradle of nature. Nature is such a supreme thing that even God resides in nature. Poets like Wordsworth, Shelly, and Keats have written many poems on nature because nature appealed to them the most.

A poet has said, "One is nearer to God's hart in a garden." By staying and working in garden, one feels quite close to the nature. For a poet like Wordsworth, nature was everything. To him, nature was a teacher, a preacher, a mother, a healer, a consoler and a companion. So is the case with me.

I see the living God plants and flowers. Fore me, these are the objects of delight and happiness. The cool and fresh air in the morning, the fragrance of the flowers, the humming f bees and the music produced by their sounds transport me into the kingdom of beauty and joy.

Moreover, gardening can give pleasure of all types. The poor can get monetary benefits by gardening while for the rich, it is a hobby and a source of joy and delight. Gardening inspires us to work during our leisure time and creates a taste for refinement and purity. It takes us away from the world of sorrow and sadness, rush and tension. "A garden is a place lovesome thing," so says a great writer. It is a place of beauty and delight. It is one of the most enhancing spots because it gives us pleasure that is quite natural and God-like and also, it keeps us away from the maddening and busy crowd.


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